ABSURD- Blutgericht CD

If you need an introduction to this band, what the fuck are you doing here? Great to hear a new CD from this legendary band. Furious Viking-inspired songs with excellent layout featuring vikings, wolves, torture, and other anti-christian elements. $14

ABYSSIC HATE- A Decade of Hate CD

The latest one. Only one copy available. $16

ARYAN WIND/BRUMALIS/VALHALLA SAINTS- Darkness, Hatred and War 3 way split CD

Aryan Wind are back with better songs. They play mostly mid-paced black doom metal with deep vocals and a bit of melody thrown in. Excellent, very intelligent lyrics. Brumalis play a faster blend of barbaric black and death metal again with deeper growled vocals. Valhalla Saints play a more controlled style of RAC styled musick, with a bit of an OI! feel to it. They even do a cover of "Skinhead" from the movie Romper Stomper, albeit with less comical vocals! It's definitely harsh and has a real rocking Oi feel. $6

ASKA- Forintelsehymner CD

Re-release of the tape that Total Holocaust did. Wretched sounding vocals, reminding me of Bael or Mutiilation. Guitars have an awesome fuzzy sound, like a chainsaw cutting through the cross of christ. Guess I never paid this band much mind, but I really like this. Released on Northern Sky Productions. $10

ATOMIZER- The Only Weapon of Choice/Songs of Slaughter, Songs of Sacrifice double CD

I think this band totally fucking KILLS!!! This double CD is their crowning achievement. Hellish thrashing rage! This is the kind of CD you just want to blast and break stuff to. Somewhat anthemic at times like Destroyer 666. Makes me wanna fucking kill!!! Loads of songs on this fucker, 13 on the first disc, 9 on the second. Oh yeah! Includes an AWESOME cover of SOD's Speak English or Die! Mandatory!!!! $14

BATTALION-Into Harm's Way CD

Great stuff! No bullshit here, just blazing Australian blackened death war metal. Great riffing is emphasized here. Reminds me of BLOT MINE occasionally which is of course the highest of compliments. "A concept album dedicated to the fallen heroes of the Great War and all the battles and blood spilt on the muddy plains of warfare! Take a mix of early era Death, Destroyer 666, early era Dark Funeral etc. Packed will technicality, solo's and memorable riffs but not to overload the listener. Battalion launch an audial assault of raging black/thrash metal warfare." I'd have to agree with that. This is for those who understand that listening to music is about the MUSIC and support it for that. Not how many times the lyrics give praise to Him or what KVLT label they are on. Nice layout depicting images of war. This band contains at least one member of the great Aussie band Nazxul. $10

BEATRIK- Journey Through the End of Life CD

Bleak as hell. Tragically underrated. This was previously only available on LP, through Serpens Caput. This is depressive Black Metal the way it was meant to sound. Cold and disturbing, with great melodic passages and torturous vocals. A masterpiece I'd say. $12

BEATRIK- Requiem of December digi-CD

$14 Very depressing sounding stuff, reminds me a bit of Katatonia. The vocals are somewhat in the vein of Dance of December Souls...very desperate and soul-wrenching doom/black metal.....good release!

BEHERIT- Unholy Blessings CD

Professionally pressed CD. NOT a CD-R! 25 tracks in all!!!!!! The Seventh Blasphemy Demo 1 1990 Demonomancy Demo 2 1990 Promo 92 Dawn Of Satans Millennium EP Live tracks from 10/20/90 Finland $13




Normally I had found this band to be quite boring, but this release is really very good. Better production, much more atmosphere and hellish vocals. Much more aggression is demonstrated on this release. NSBM. $12




"Ignited Black Metal, fueled with hate, that never rests, the BLODULV has been unleashed once again, 8 NEW tracks and over 45min of music. Ready to rape your speakers and your skull. Black Metal to it's rotten core, cold merciless BLACK ART! perversion of the holy, MONUMENTS will burn to the ground!" $12

BLOODLINE- Werewolf Training CD


BLOODY VICTIM- Bound in Blasphemy CD

Excellent release that will be overlooked by the trendy faggots. Brutal black/death reminding me at times of the mighty Dawn of Azazel or Bliss of Flesh. Great guitarwork, melodic, but harsh at the same time. $6


The first 4 songs are a collaboration with both bands and the last two are one of each band, all new tracks. 7 songs in all, including outro. Recorded on a four tracker with one microphone, but it is less raw than I thought. Has a good strong sound. Essential! Includes lyrics! $13

CULT OF DAATH- Slit Throats and Ritual Nights

Probably the best material yet, with an older and ugly feel to it and a seething evil aura. One of the more serious and 'real' black metal bands from the US. No gimmicks, just metal. $13

DAMNATION ARMY- Towards Damnation MCD

From deep obscurity comes Damnation Army, a raging, thrashing black/death metal band from Sweden. Reminds me a bit of some elements of Dissection, Witchmaster, Nifelheim, and other truly METAL bands. Melodic, but fast and heavy with excellent riffs. Makes me feel hyper as hell listening to this stuff. Listen to their song on the "Aural Holocaust" page. $6

DAMNATION ARMY- The Art of the Occult CD

Damn, this release is very impressive. I have liked them since their first CD but this eclipses everything else. Fast as hell and harsh, reminding me a bit of Abominator, and even occasionally of Satyricon (Shadowthrone era) vocally. 9 songs, no trendy elements used here, just blasting yet often melodic Swedish (think DISSECTION) hellish metal. $10


Intro + 3 songs, 24 minutes. Previously been released by NH as 10" vinyl, limited 400 copies and sold out long ago. CD version is re-mastered with louder and clearer drums. Booklet with lyrics and lay-out following the dark style of original 10" version. Raw, but well played black metal ! Vocals remind me of early Emperor, before they turned into eye-shadow wearing fags. $12

FROST (Germany)- ...In Eternal Strife CD

Aaarrrghhh!!!! The True Frost are back with some more hellish black metal. This reminds me of Bekhira and Darkthrone's Panzerfaust. Blasting and slower Celtic-Frost sounding guitar parts and angry sounding vocals. Includes lyrics. $14

FROSTKRIEG- Majestatik Eines Kalten Elements CD

I knew this would be good. The highlight of this band's performance is the melody they sometimes use and the great old school thrashy/mid paced parts. They don't come off as boring or trying to imitate everyone else. $10

HELGRINDR-Von den Vorfahren herstammend Landen MCD

Pretty original stuff on Christhunt. I only have one copy, as I ordered one by mistake forgetting I already had it. $12


No Colours release. $10

A Homage to Ildjarn- CD

GRIMFAUG 01. Nattens Ledestjerne 02. Ild XASTHUR 03. Chill Of The Night (Returning) 04. Der Det Skjulte Lever NACHTMYSTIUM 05. Kronet 06. Bak To Lysende Oeyne LEVIATHAN 07. Dark December 08. Nocturnal Gathering OBSCURE 09. Svarte Hjerter 10. Krigere FORGOTTEN TOMB 11. No Gleaming Light 12. Moerklagt Sti HAAT 13. Ved Tjernets Bredd 14. Natt Og Taake URFAUST 15. I Anmarsj Gjennom Grangrunn 16. Skogens Hatefulle Skapning ORCRIST 17. intro / Unknown Harmony AZAGHAL 18. Kulde / Skogens Hatefulle Skapning VOLKURAH 19. Strength And Anger pt. XV 20. Lydloest Over Aasen EXCRUCIO 21. Strength And Anger pt. V 22. A Farewell Much of this is as...errr...bad as the originals! In other words, raw and sick as hell. Standout tracks would be by Grimfaug, Haat, Orcrist, Azaghal, Volkurah, and Excrucio. $13

KRIEGSMASCHINE- Altered States of Divinity CD

Finally a full-length CD from the Polish elite! Their sound is not entirely different than previous releases, but more organized and better. Simultaneously blasting and haunting, this will certainly earn some time in the CD player. Has some good 'sung' vocals too, without sounding gay. Nice layout, includes lyrics. Hear some samples at http://www.todeskult.com/start.php?m=releases $13

MAGOG- Artglauben- digi-CD

Excellent release. Somewhat in between the first and second discs I'd say. A bit rawer than the last one, reminding me at times of Woods of Infinity and Azaghal. Sick vocals. Awesome digipack layout. Go to christhuntproductions.com if you want to hear samples of this and the CREATURE CD. $14


Yes! Martire are still pummelling us with their blasting drums and heavy as hell sound. 6 songs by them including the song from the split 7" with AngelCorpse. Over the top heaviness from one of Australia's best. Throneum's tracks are 7-13 and are mostly insanely fast and chaotic with a rougher sound on this CD. $12



NEW RISEN THRONE- Chants for the Cold and Dying Sun CD

Unearthly 'darkwave?' musick that reminds me of Ain Soph or Hoedh. Frightening 'far off' "musick" with 'vocals' straight from a nightmare. Very obscure and haunting actually. This is like a trip through the mind of an extremely disturbed person. You will feel like you are under muddy water or about to be tortured when you hear this. Unsettling and brilliant. Limited to 200 copies in a nice digipack. Another killer release from God is Myth Records. $10

ODELEGGER- The End of Tides CD

As I understand it, this is a band containing members of Bilskirnir. Rawer than hell, screechy vocals, minimalistic hellish chaotic noisy BM. At times reminds me of Ildjarn. $13

PAGAN WINTER- The Cult of Flesh MCD

This band is excellent. I've always wondered how good they were, and now I'm convinced. Old school Black Metal drawing hints of Mayhem, Darkthrone (includes a cover of "Under a Funeral Moon") and Marduk. 6 songs in all, raging tormented vocals, and a blasting killer production. Listen to the MP3s on here and support this true Satanic German cult! $8

PEST- In Total Contempt CD

Finally Sweden's Pest are back with a full-length and it's a killer! Abrasive, loud with old school elements here and there. Thankfully this band has remained true to themselves and not hopped on the 'Him' trend. Gatefold LP Also available. $14

Pestilentia Australis-Australian Black/Death Metal comp. CD

Great compilation!!!! What I like about this is that these are Aussie bands you probably haven't heard much from. I have always said that the Australian scene is among the best ever and the most varied as well. This comp. does not disappoint. Here's the lineup: Kill The Kristians, The Black Death, Nuclear Winter, Striborg, Vrag, Myrddraal, Anarazel, Miserys Omen, Elysian Blaze, Pestelential Shadows, Battalion, Winterfallen and Kinstrif & Blood. $12

PROFANE SOLITUDE- Probuzhdenie V Pustote CD


PURGATORY- Luciferianism CD

Arrgghhh...excellent German death metal the way it should be. This band has been around a pretty long time. Listen to samples here: http://purgatory666.de/ $13

SONS OF SATAN- In Times of Fire CD

Restock of this CD, only 2 available. Good stuff, fast and brutal. Extreme as hell!!! Members of Bestial Mockery. $13


Excellent followup to their impressive 7", and for those that missed the LP version of this, DON'T miss it altogether. Fast and hellish. Darkthrone worshippers will love this. Cold sound, great drumming, vicious vocals. Occasionally it slows down making you feel as happy as if you were at a funeral. Quite mesmerizing, forcing you to drone on in self-pity and hatred. An essential release. $13

THIRST- Per Aspera Ad Astra CD

Black metal in a style I have not heard in a long while. Symphonic black metal in the vein of old Emperor or something. $12

THRONEUM- Pestilent Death CD

Angry and vicious as hell! Reminds me of Witchmaster on this release. Agonized vocals with a thrashy death metal barrage of blasting drums and old school riffs. Good powerful production which enhances the delivery. Includes lyrics. Front cover design by Chris Moyen. $12

THRONEUM- The Underground Storms Eternally CD

This is "The Underground Storms Eternally" demo tape from 2000 and "Burn Holy Image" rehearsal tape 1998. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. After a freaky creepy intro of you will be treated to raging thrashing death with a real bass-heavy sound. Great guitarwork too.

UNCREATION'S DAWN- Lightning Hammer Falls CD

Finally a full length from this excellent band. Excellent riffs as expected, and a faster harsher approach compared to their earlier stuff. I really like the old school feeling of this band. Lyrics included. Listen to some samples on http://hammer-of-hate.cjb.net/ $13

UNPURE- World Collapse CD

ARARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Fucking awesome!!! I haven't heard anything from these Swedes for a long time and this CD is an intense attack of blackened death with some great traditional metal feel. Makes me hyper listening to this. What a gem. $13

VALSBLUT/WARAGE- Vestiges d'une nouvelle ère CD

Man, I am really impressed by this disc. I wasn't expecting much having not heard much from the bands, but this is top notch raw caustic black metal! Valsblut start off with some fast, sick musick reminding me at times of the gods Chemin De Haine or Bekhira. Raw, but the enjoyable kind of raw. Warage end off on as good a note, sounding somewhat like Torgeist and other Black Legions stuff perhaps. Raw, with a fitting dismal production. $12

VIDSYN- On Frostbitten Path Beneath MCD

I've been anxiously looking forward to this one. This is Black Metal from frozen Norway. Reminds me of the old days. Hell, Nocturno Culto even did vocals on this on a couple songs and Hellhammer played drums. $12

VOCIFERIAN- Exxakschionnistiik Warmageddon Xzul CD

Ain't that a mouthful?! I was quite surprised by this. Insane blasting sickness, reminding me of the chaos that used to be unleashed by Impaled Nazarene. Without a doubt, this band could be mistaken for a good European BM band. Flesh cutting madness. Listen to samples here: http://www.MeurtreNoir.net/VociferianCD.htm $10


Excellent release of chaotic and powerful black metal. Warage continues to be one of the best French bands. Very brutal with sick vocals and an excellent guitar sound. Never gets boring. Quite raw, but very tolerable and effective. Wulfhere are from the US and I'm pretty impressed by this. They have a bit of a downtuned heavy guitar sound with agonized screams and a fast to mid-paced delivery. Can remind one of Satanic Warmaster at times. Ltd. to 500. $12



WULFHERE- Wer Rastet, Der Roste CD

Awesome NSBM from the US. Raw, fast and great sounding. Part of the Vinland Pagan Front. Well worth the price. $10