DO NOT email me with an order unless you plan on actually ordering. Don't waste my time. I hate assholes like you. If you email me with your order, please have the consideration to follow through. Also, please fill out YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS when sending payment. How lazy can you be? I get so many money orders with no name or address on them but mine. Ridiculous. ALWAYS list the items you are paying for. I'm not a mind-reader, nor do i memorize what you have requested from me. ALSO: From now on if a package gets 'lost' in transit to you and you ask me to replace it, I will tell you to go to church and pray for it to arrive. If you are so concerned about lost packages which RARELY happens, pay for insurance or registered mail or whatever makes it more secure.

Always check if an item is available before ordering. Everything will be in limited quantities. To order, write to:

811 Nottinghill La.
Hamilton, NJ 08619

Please leave the money order blank, except for the amount that you are paying. I will fill out my name and address. Do not make it out to anyone. Buyers outside of US, please contact me for postage info. Postage-paid within the US. I do accept paypal, but please write first as I have to charge a bit extra to cover their fees. Use only the email on this site, any other addresses have been deleted.

Also, if there are problems viewing or hearing anything with this site, please email me.