This section is not a joke. These are actual accounts of strange tracks and sightings in the Pine Barrens. Truthfully, I've never been a believer in fairy tales. The story of the Jersey Devil is certainly fascinating, but until I saw evidence with my own eyes (and camera) I was skeptical. Believe what you want. I want to believe there are still things out there beyond our explanation. I still have doubts and always will, but form your own conclusions.


While walking through the Pine Barrens, I ventured pretty far back on secluded trails. I had my video camera with me that day and recorded what I saw. There were large, deep U-shaped tracks, similar to hoof tracks in the slightly damp sand and leaf litter. They were impressed in the ground about 2" or so deep. Something large and heavy would have had to make those. The stride was similar to that of a human, but smaller. The prints were nearly as large as my hand. Sure they could have been horse prints, but where is the mystery in that?! I want to believe! Besides, I've never seen horse prints that had the outline of 3 toes or claws... Not to mention the prints were erratic, not the stride of any horse I've seen. And there were no horse droppings around.


Still curious about the other day, I ventured out into the Pines again, this time with my camera and zoom lens. The tracks were a bit difficult to make out on the video camera, so I figured this might work better. Exploring the perimeter of the lake I found new tracks. These were the same as the others except much clearer. They were very numerous and some appeared to have the impression of toe or claw-like features at the end of the print. These were of particular interest and the fact that they were right next to the lake and in wet sand, they stood out. They were very deep, suggesting a very heavy animal. With my boot heel, I stomped on the ground and could barely make an impression that deep...and I was trying. Something walking there had made those. I saw this area was somewhat of a clearing and went up the bank into the woods. Not even twenty feet in and there they were-the tracks I spotted the other day. That's when I realized something. That these newer tracks had appeared within that time frame. I was on that bank two days earlier and saw nothing. Something was actually there after I was.....