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Welcome to the kingdom of the dead. I have finally started doing something I have always wanted to do. Spread the art of nihilism in musick. This distribution site was started in the end of January 2002. You may be familiar with my zine, Direct Action, which has now been laid to rest. As you can see, I'm mainly carrying harder-to-find black/death metal and other items I find interesting. Bookmark this site as I'm always getting new, hard-to-find titles in. I will not be stocking any major label releases, only true underground with an emphasis on vinyl. Everything is super-limited so if you want something, do it fast! This page will be kept simple in the interests of loading fast, and because I am rather limited to how much I can put on here since it's a free site. Perhaps someday I will have my own space for such things. Bands, labels, etc., of a misanthropic nature please get in touch immediately if you'd like me to carry your items. Rapcore bands or 'nu-metal' fags need not write. You may all die instead. Also, I need people to link this site so people will know about it. If you are interested in a link trade, please get in touch. If you'd like to receive updates by email, please mail me and I will put you on the list.

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DO NOT email me with an order unless you plan on actually ordering. Don't waste my time. I hate assholes like you. If you email me with your order, please have the consideration to follow through.