ABSURD- Blutgericht LP

Very nice looking record, with a bloodstained looking cover and viking warriors under the banner of ABSURD. Full lyrics, gatefold cover, glossy all around. If you need an introduction to this band, what the fuck are you doing here? Great to hear a new LP from this legendary band. Furious Viking-inspired songs with excellent layout featuring vikings, wolves, torture, and other anti-christian elements. $18


Description coming soon. $8

AKITSA- Sang Nordique LP

Limited to 500 copies on Shades of Death/Meurtre Noir Records. For those that don't know this mysterious band, be prepared for a surgical massacre without anesthesia. Caustic, abrasive, harsh, yet not losing melody. Definitely their best material. Fans of Clandestine Blaze, Ildjarn, Bone Awl should like this. Quite a unique guitar sound which I really like. I'll also include this great review from Jeffrey/Autopsy Kitchen: Akitsa "Sang Nordique" LP - Guaranteed to be some of the absolute most lo fi black metal you can find on vinyl. Akitsa of course don't disappoint any followers of the black metal art or conscious individuals burdened by their hatred for those around them. This band can take a single riff and lock on until you feel as if it's become an epic drone. This recording is so minimalist that I can easily recommend this LP to any who follow early 80s ug punk, haterock, oi, etc. Be careful not to blow your speakers on this one because I almost did. A Shades of Death/Meurte Noir split release. SOLD OUT I believe but I'm leaving this up in case I find any more.


I had no idea what to expect from this. A new one on Deathstrike Records. Comes on orange wax (ltd. to 500) with a cool old school layout of photocopies and cut and paste (lyrics are on the fucking record itself!) At first I thought I would hate this when I heard the 'normal' vocals. But listening to it more, it is traditional 'doom' ish metal, but not really slow. The vocals remind me of the Misfits (somewhat more Michael Graves than Danzig?) It gives it a 'ghoulish' atmosphere which was actually quite catchy and enjoyable. Fans of Pentagram, St. Vitus style of 'doom' will like this. Most black metal fans will be too closed-minded to appreciate this, but I liked it. $8

Barbaric Onslaught- Australian Metal Attack LP

Excellent compilation of these mostly underrated bands. Features these awesome bands: DESTRUKTOR, MARTIRE, PORTAL, ATOMIZER, URGRUND, CARBON, GRENADE, ONI, STARGAZER, ANARAZEL, MISERY'S OMEN. Great cover art, lyrics, and contact info for the bands. $16

BESATT- In Nomine Satanas

This was this bands first album, recorded in 97 and released on CD limited to 200 copies. Now it arrives only in LP format, limited to 500 copies. Knowing this band's sound, it is bound to be killer. I have yet to listen to it. $14


Hand numbered to 666, nice packaging, insert, etc. $8

BLACK FLAME- Torment and Glory LP

FINALLY, after MANY delays, the 2nd full length by BLACK FLAME has arrived. Released on my label Shades of Death, I'm really proud of this release. Expect pure old style black/death metal hellishness, brutal and barbaric and haunting at times. This will bring you back to the days of Mayhem and Mortuary Drape among others. No trendy shit, just Black Metal the way it should be done. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies with insert, with the first 100 records being blood-red vinyl. Wholesale orders will also be taken now. Minimum of 5 copies for wholesale. Trades can also be worked out but please write first. Sound samples of a couple songs can be heard on http://black-flame.net. $12 post and paypal paid in the US, $14 ppd. in Canada, $18 rest of world.


Another one from Deathstrike. Black Howling....umm....how shall I say this? If a black metal band were playing and a block away they had a Radio Shack tape recorder in the sewer recording their session it might sound like this. In other words, rawer than raw and distant as fucking hell. Good riffs though. Now on the other hand I was quite impressed by Front Beast. It arrived at a perfect time, when I'm feeling low about myself and life anyway. These guys are obviously very angry. Some of this is slower, but I'll tell you, these slow parts are heavy and you will want to kick someone's head in while listening to this. That's the sign of a good band. Great production (as in raw and loud.) Those who like Bael, Fornication, Hellfucked will like this. Sick as hell vocals and really awesome riffs. I really wanted to break things and punch people when I heard this. But alas, the defeating blow of life forces me to a near-comatose state. This comes on red/burgundy vinyl. Limited to 519 (?) copies! Cool huh? $8

BLISS OF FLESH- Todtentanz 7"

The second-to-last release for my label Shades of Death. 3 songs of well-played, absolutely furious black/death metal. A welcomed change really as this band doesn't try to imitate all the big names of black metal and chooses to create a hellish assault that sets them apart. Great lyrics, no typical 'for Him' overused cliches. Listen to a sample to hear for yourself. $8 postpaid (US). 400 made, lyrics included. Outside the US, contact for shipping quotes. Sorry it is rather expensive. I had to have the covers printed twice (at my own expense). Pissed me off. Distributors get in touch for wholesale rates.

BLOT MINE- Ashcloud LP

Despite the postal systems best attempts to make sure this package was destroyed or never arrived, FINALLY this LP arrived by this excellent Swedish band. And what a breath of fresh air so to speak. This band has always been a really great band from their demo, to the Porphyrogenesis CD. This LP is even better at least what I've heard so far. Fast, full sound to it, and the melodic riffs that put this band alongside Sorhin, who they have/had connections with. Lyrics and a very very lengthy written passage, proving this band is very intelligent and follow their own path. Gatefold LP, hand numbered to 500. Very nice thick color heavy LP jacket. $18

CULT OF DAATH- Razor War 7"

Description coming soon. $8

DEATHSQUADRON- Black Guard of War 7"

Excellent bestial chaos war metal. Fans of Conqueror/Revenge/Capra Hircus will love this. Numbered to 500 copies. $8

FROST- 10 Years of the True Frost LP

This is also the best FROST..the one from Germany. I haven't listened to this yet, but I'm sure it will be awesome. I see there is an Impaled Nazarene cover "The Horny and the Horned" and I love that song. Nice looking gatefold. Limited I'm sure. Blut & Eisen Prod. $18

GRIMFAUG- Blood Upon the Face of Creation LP with bonus track.

Finally got this in. Excellent fast twisted BM the way it should be played. Hear a sample on my page. Lp comes with different artwork...amazing stuff by N. Solieri (Hellflame/Morbid Upheaval, etc.) and features a bonus track not on CD version. Includes all lyrics too. Keep an eye out as I will be releasing a split 7" of Grimfaug/Galgeras as one of the last two records to be pressed on Shades of Death. $13


The last LP of Polish BM legends Infernum. Members are Darken and Capricornus. Dark, bleak BM. Excellent! 500 hand-numbered copies. Includes lyrics. $18


(Great Norwegian Black Metal!) ltd. to 666 hand numbered copies. $8

MAGOG- Artglauben Picture LP

Beautiful LP!!! Has the cover of the CD which is a photo of a bald eagle (with an edited in Thor's Hammer around it's neck) plucking a big fish out of the water..symbolic of course of the fish christians use in their imagery. Big plus for me since I really like birds of prey. Back cover is a pic of a wolf with snarling teeth. Comes with a nice Magog logo patch. See the CD review for description of musik. $22


Here it is, my first co-release (with Autopsy Kitchen,) the Nachtmystium/Xasthur 7". The first 100 were on clear vinyl and came with a tshirt and pin. The regular addition 7" was limited to 900 copies and came with pin featuring the art of Peter Bruegel. The jacket is beautiful, printed on glossy heavy paper. I can only say that the 7" tracks are some of the most depressing hymns you'll ever hear. One full track from each band and creepy instrumentals, making this 7" about 14 minutes long. According to an underground terrorist who shall best go unnamed: "fucking great job on that XASTHUR / NACHTMYSTIUM 7" arggh it fucking makes me want to cut my flesh and bleed ...." Ah, high praise indeed. Comes with insert. SOLD OUT...some distros still have it. I still have it listed in case I find some extra copies laying around.

NACHTMYSTIUM- Demise gatefold LP

This is finally out on LP. Nice looking gatefold, great cover illustration, glossy finish. Arguably some of Nacht's best work. $15

NECROSLAUGHTER- Sacrifice to Satan 7"

Description, photo coming soon. $8

NOCTERNITY- A Fallen Unicorn LP

Very good vinyl issue of this brilliant band's CD. Gatefold, embossed silver writing, heavy vinyl. Hand-numbered to 600 copies. This cost some dough to release, hence the high price. NOCTERNITY present with 'A Fallen Unicorn' the lost tales of the 'Onyx' recording session. 5 hymns of cold, mystic and dramatic Black Metal is to hear on this epos. The title song 'A Fallen Unicorn' was already featured on a split EP with Kawir and got totally new recorded. Furthermore there is a very suprising cover version of Björks 'Pagan Poetry' to hear. Some will now wonder how that will sound like but I can tell that when you´ll listen to it you´ll may think its done by themselves cose it has so much own spirit. 'A Fallen Unicorn' continues exaclty there where 'Onyx' ended. Epic, intoxicating and raw sounding riffs get accompanied by pounding drums and shrouded by a great symphonic sound atmosphere. The songs are mainly played in fast speed, but offer from time to time some slower melancholic moments as well. The vocals are done in the same way as on 'Onyx', means they are more set to the background, screamed out eerily and thus spread a great spectral atmosphere. Comes with a nice poster. $19

ONDSKAPT- Draco Mit Sihi Dux DLP

Finally available on vinyl with gatefold cover and printed sleeves that are easier to read than the fucking CD version. $20 ppd. (except overseas)

PEST- In Total Contempt LP

Finally Sweden's Pest are back with a full-length and it's a killer! Abrasive, loud with old school elements here and there. Thankfully this band has remained true to themselves and not hopped on the 'Him' trend. Gatefold LP $18


Excellent traditional black metal, sample on http://www.nykta.com/ $16

SIGRBLOT- Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest) DLP

If anyone recalls I raved about this CD and still hold true to that. One of the best releases of whatever year that came out in. This release is a gatefold and features new artwork plus a lengthy bonus track, 'Endtime Communion'. There is to be a lyric pamphlet with the record, but these are nowhere to be found. An announcement is being sent out with each LP so that, when the pamphlets do arrive, they can be shipped to the proper place. $20 ppd. (except overseas)


One of the more obscure bands from Denmark. They have attacked us with an EP and a full-length CD before this. Vanvid is a compilation of both the EP and the full-length CD "SÅR", so you will pretty much get everything released by Sortsind by purchasing this album. As the starting of this mail explains, Sortsind is not about cleanliness, this Black Metal has been dragged out of the deepest pits of despair and suffering. The sound is murky with an unique atmosphere among all the raw and dark atmosphere that the entire album reeks of. 15 tracks long album, with over 73 min worth of music. $20

SPEAR OF LONGINUS - The Yoga of National Socialism LP

Here is the newest LP from Australia's most obscure and cult NS act! This release is somewhat thrash-oriented, with some possible RAC influences. The production is excellent. It feels like the band is right there. This is limited to 888 copies so don't miss your chance to get it at a decent price! Great layout, includes lyric sheet. First press of black still available. $12

TSJUDER- Desert Northern Hell LP

More Norwegian black metal!!! Comes with poster/lyrics, etc. $18

URGEHAL- Through Thick Fog 'Til Death LP

Urrrgggehellishness!!!! $13

VARGSANG- Call of the Nightwolves LP

Cold, desolate and pure black metal. The Darkthrone influence is undeniable. Limited to 666 copies. Samples found at: http://undercover-records.de/index1.htm $15


Thank goodness it's not another war metal band as the cover may indicate. Very good harsh black metal with some definite hatecore-ish riffs, and fast drumming. Low and scathing vocals (similar a bit to Grimfaug?) This includes a cover of Streetcleaner by the Brainbombs. One cannot overlook the obvious SS insignia on the front cover! A tad risky for a German band. $8