BATTALION- Soldiers of Evil demo

"A unit of force dedicated to ripping the flesh from your body! Technical War metal assassins with their first demo "Soldiers of Evil" re-released on pro tape format. Features all 4 original demo tracks from 2003 and a bonus track recorded in 2004." $6

DOM DRACUL- Genocide in the Name of Satan demo

Surprisingly good tape. Non-generic well played black metal. Excellent riffs and vocals. One of the better tapes I've gotten. $6


What a surprise. This band is really good. I was asked if I wanted to do a trade for these tapes and I never heard of the band, but on a whim, I decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did. Agonizing, tortured and icy cold Black Metal from Ukrania. You will feel very unhealthy after listening to this. Very addictive. Reminds me quite a bit of Arckanum or Bael esp. in the vocals. Recommended!!! $5(Buy both LUTOMYSL tapes for $8.)

LUTOMYSL "The Winter of humanity" demo

See above review, this is somewhat the same, but less so. The above is better IMO with a better recording. But do not discount this recording. $5

LUTOMYSL- Decadence tape

Even better this time with fast cold BM from Ukrania. Vocalist sounds a lot like Shaamatae from Arckanum, but at least this guy isn't a ripoff like Arckanum. $5

MATRICIDE- Blasphemic Fire demo

Really good, fast and cold Swedish BM. Reminds one of Watain. $6

MORBID UPHEAVAL- Solar Impetus demo



Raging black metal, raw and harsh as hell. Pre-Lutomysl. $5

WOODS OF INFINITY- Forintelse & Libido tape.

This is the original version (before it was out on CD). Some of their best and most twisted material ever. Etremely long for a tape (90 min about), with lyrics and a very nice layout. Very well worth the $8