Direct Action #3

Interviews with:
BROKEN HOPE, CROSS FADE, DARKSIDE-NYC, EYEHATEGOD, INTERNAL BLEEDING, JUDGEMENT DAY-NYC, LIFE OF AGONY, OVERCAST, SAM BLACK CHURCH, and TURMOIL. Also featuring: lots of reviews, photos, sick humor, poetry... over 70 pages thick! $4.00 US, $8.00 World

Direct Action #4

Interviews with:
ACCURSED, AZARIUS, ENRAGE, HADES, IN THE WOODS, KATATONIA, MARDUK, MORTIIS, NECROMANTIA, ONLY LIVING WITNESS, SLOUGH, THORNS OF THE CARRION, TWILIGHT, VARATHRON, and WITCHHUNT. Also featuring: over 100 reviews, poetry, and over 70 pages of misery and misanthropy. $4.00 US $8.00 World

Direct Action #5

Interviews with:
ANGELCORPSE, BLOOD RITUAL, THE CROWN, GOD DETHRONED, IMPALED NAZARENE, MARTIRE, MESSE NOIR, MISFITS,NILE, STARGAZER, STIGMATA, and USURPER Also featuring: the best layout yet (pro-printed), extreme articles such as: "Why You Deserve To Die" and others regarding death, torture, and total hatred, as well as killer artwork, poetry, hot women, and brutally honest reviews. $4.00 US $6.00 World

Canadian Assault # 5

68 half-sized white wove pages w/ b&w glossy cover! Interviews with: Dekapitator, Hellwitch, Denial Of God, Necrodeath, Disgorge, Tales Of The Macabre zine, Desecration, Rebaelliun, Urgrund. Also, interviews with porn stars Kim Chambers, and Chloe and Ruby. How awesome, death/black metal meets porn. Plus killer quotes, Ye Olde Flyer Pages, and much more. This 'zine is packed!!! The best thing going in the world of 'zines, so much effort is put into this and the editors are great comrades. SUPPORT OR FUCKING DIE!!!! $4 US $6 US World