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ABSURD- Thuringian Pagan Madness 7"
Fresh from the printers literally, I scored a limited amount of these. These will go very fast, so order immediately if you want one. Only 666 hand-numbered records were made, originally meant to be released in '95 on Darker Than Black Records. Raw, elite Aryan black metal. Absurd are a very unique band, and even have melodies which may remind one of OI at times. White vinyl are SOLD OUT already...only black vinyl are available VERY LIMITED.
Just in....30 copies on purple vinyl. This is the second pressing, hand-numbered, only 250 made. Here's your chance to own a classic piece of NSBM history. The ultimate in true NSBM.


Amazing superfast death/war/black metal with the right amount of brutality and technicality. This is easily one of my favorite extreme metal albums. I cannot believe how fast this is. So good to hear stuff like this. J. Read (ex-Conqueror) must be part machine...for drumming like this cannot be done by humans! Relentless machine-gun fire! Reminds one (drum-wise) of old Immortal, Morbid Angel, or Enslaved, etc. The guitars are precise as hell, slashing your throat with melody with explosive speed. Great raspy death vocals, clear yet raw. Perfect production for this too, for everything is mixed well so you don't lose any part of it. And the lyrics definitely demand a good read, as they are not the overdone 'death to christianity' satan..blah blah lyrics. Very intelligent. These guys are very serious about their art. The cover art, lyrics, and musickal assault is akin to studying and using advanced weaponry! I hope their future releases are as good as everything they've released thus far! If you don't like this, you must leave the scene at once. For you don't like metal. Limited to 666 copies. Features ex members of Conqueror/Sacramentary Abolishment.


AZAGHAL- Helwettiläinen 7"
In my opinion, Azaghal are one of the ultimate black metal bands ever. This ep is no exception. They have possibly gotten even faster and more extreme. These two songs also contain some really cold passages of wolves howling, etc....amazing stuff. Can't wait to hear their new full-length 'Of Beasts and Vultures'. This is hand-numbered, 1000 were made.

CRAFT-Terror Propaganda LP
Same cult release as CD (in CD section) but limited to 500, includes a killer poster!


MORDOR- 7" picture disc
Rare as hell 7" of this cult ambient/black metal band. It was released on Shivadarshana Records in '94. Dedicated to Tolkien. Very dark stuff.


PANTHEON- Ergriffenheit 10"
Raging raw, NS influenced black metal. One of the best bands from US shores. THIS is the future of black metal. Much better than that crap coming out of Norway nowadays. Not to mention, solid beliefs. An absolute must! Only 500 made. Very limited quantities.
Tracks are:
The Return to Our Pagan Past
(The Atavism into Ginnungagap pt.3)


PEST (Swe.)- Blasphemy is My Throne 12" ep
YESSSSS!!! Sweden has produced some of the best black metal bands out there, such as SORHIN, BLOT MINE, LEGION, FUNERAL MIST, DISSECTION, etc...and now PEST. "True" black metal with no frills, heavy guitars and interesting riffs. Sort of an old-school feeling to it without sounding copied. 4 songs, limited to 300 copies.

SPEAR OF LONGINUS- Nada Brahma/Nazi Occult Metal
YES that's right..the vinyl release of the cult CD and demo. Their best material in my opinion. Great cover, lyrics included. Limited to 500 copies.


SPEAR OF LONGINUS- The Yoga of National Socialism LP
Here is the newest LP from Australia's most obscure and cult NS act! This release is somewhat thrash-oriented, with some possible RAC influences. The production is excellent. It feels like the band is right there. This is limited to 888 copies so don't miss your chance to get it at a decent price! Great layout, includes lyric sheet.



UNIO MYSTICA - Dance Demons 7"
Three tracks of dark ambient/neo-classical pagan musick. Very original and entrancing. Produced by Peter Pettersson of Arcana.
Limited to 300 copies!